The Shocking Truth About Sugar, Obesity and Your Health

The sugar deception is a great undisclosed health addiction that has wrecked the health of multimillions.

Sugar consumption of all types has gone from 7 lbs./person annually in the year 1900 to 220+ lbs./person annually today. This by itself is the foundation of sickness and disease that guarantees conventional medicine perpetual multi-trillion dollar annual profits.

All disease directly relates to sugar consumption. This includes white and brown sugar and all the synthetic chemical sugars. Sugar and especially synthetic chemical sweeteners are basic ingredients used by all commercial food processors. Almost every label in the grocery stores shows some kind of sugar or sweetener contents.

No warnings are ever given about the highly toxic nature of synthetic sweeteners. Some are more toxic than others, but all can cause multiple diseases, from convulsions to diabetes. All accumulate as acid poisons in the human body.

All artificial or synthetic sweeteners should display skull and crossbones on their packaging.

There is a mountain of research on the extreme danger of synthetic sugars and I believe that there is no way to have good health while consuming sugar at the same time.

Indepth Explanation: