Diabetes diagnoses jump by 90%

More people are being diagnosed with diabetesThe number of people diagnosed with diabetes has skyrocketed over the past decade, according to official U.S. statistics.

Figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that new cases of diabetes rose by 90 percent over the past 10 years.

In the years 1995-97, 4.8 people per 1,000 were diagnosed with the condition. In 2005-07, this incidence rose to 9.1 people per 1,000.

Experts said that the trend is strongly linked to an increase in sedentary lifestyles and obesity. These two factors are leading causes of type 2 diabetes.

The CDC said that the highest rates of diabetes in the country are found in the southern states. A total of nine out of the top ten states for new diagnoses were located in that region.

According to the CDC, changing diet and lifestyle is the best thing people can do to prevent diabetes.

“The hope and the message is that if people are kind of changing their lifestyles, doing the things that are good for them, then hopefully we can reverse the trend,” study leader Karen Kirtland told Reuters Health.

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