5 Aspects of Canadian Pharmacy You Will Wish You’d Known Sooner

Arguably, your health is the most precious asset in your life, same as the health of your near and dear. And do not trust those who say that money cannot buy it; to a certain extent, it is money that pay for your health when you top the bills from your healthcare provider, fill prescriptions or pay for your health insurance. Does it mean than that in order to take a better care of your wellbeing you need to spend more money? Not necessarily. Read the article below to see our point.

1. Proven quality of drugs: the aspect of ascertained efficacy

PharmacyThe drugs that you acquire using the services of Canadian Pharmacy are by default, of genuine quality. We vouch for each and any product you find referenced at our pharmacy service. The quality of the drug is subject to numerous controls throughout its production and its life cycle. From the arrival of raw materials in the plant before the formulation to the post-commercial stability control, many protocols and analytical methods are implemented to guarantee the regulatory conformity of the products and to have a more intimate knowledge, by tracking the slightest variations.

In principle, there are different modes of use (applications) of drugs. Systemic (systemic) administration and topical (local) application are distinguished. Systemic forms of administration act on the whole body, topical forms of application only where the drug is applied (e.g. on the skin). The action of a drug depends on the age, sex, physical condition of the patient and the stage of his illness.

In addition, medicines containing the same active substance do not always have the same composition, which may affect their action. They may for example comprise excipients, additives or different dyes. The dosage form may also be different: what one manufacturer offers in capsules will exist in another only in the form of dragees or tablets. Some patients already react differently to this peculiarity. This is why, based on the patient’s antecedents and the diagnosis made, the doctor decides which treatment – and therefore which medicine – is best for the patient.

Our customers have the guarantee that the quality of the medicine is irreproachable. This is why manufacturing is subject to strict official controls. Our experts participate in this monitoring mission. Since most drugs are imported, they are also manufactured according to international standards, to ensure that medicines produced overseas are recognized in Canada.

Canadian pharmacy monitor the safety of medicines and defines the standards that must be respected. The five steps that ensure the quality of medicines and which must be satisfied by all medicinal products placed on the market are the following: authorization requirement, dispensing of medicines by the specialist trade or by doctors, classification into categories of discounts risks, mandatory information for the patient and expiry date on each package of medicines / package insert.

If a new adverse reaction is observed while using a medicine, designated adverse reaction reporting centers should be notified immediately. The same procedure applies for any already known side effect occurring with an unusual frequency. If, in the light of the side effect notifications, measures are necessary to guarantee the safe use of the medicinal product, our specialists will do so.

2. Lower prices for Canadian Pharmacy drugs: the aspect of frugality

The term ‘frugality’ has become all the rage in the Western culture during the past decade. It means moderation that results in greater future benefits. The reduction in consumption, to which large sections of the population in the rich West are constrained, has not affected the seduction that consumerism exerts on consciences and concrete life choices. Since, precisely, this reduction is a constraint and not a choice.

Therefore, the style of life that follows cannot, strictly speaking, be considered more frugal than that of the times of abundance. It cannot because frugality is a result of a free choice. Frugality, in this sense, cannot be linked to poverty or avarice, since both are the result of constraints (from external circumstances, the former, from mental obsessions, the second). It represents, as already mentioned, a lifestyle and an ethical habit.

Why not bring this rewarding concept into your pharmacy shopping routine? With online pharmacy, this is easily done. We are guided by common sense in our price-making policy, and we never promote buying redundant healthcare items just so that we could make more money with every order you place; quite the opposite. Canadian Pharmacy provides qualitative changes to your health, not quantitative increase in your healthcare expenditures.  In practice, this means that we offer customers the freedom of choice when it comes down to brand vs. generic dilemma. Why pay up to tenfold the price of a drug when you can find the same quality, safety and efficacy in a generic equivalent? We will speak more about the practical tools we recruit to make this happen in the paragraphs that follow.

3. Exhaustive materials on diseases and treatments: the aspect of informativity

Proper drug treatment is an investment in health. For us, drugs make a lot of positive change, but we know that everyone does not like what we like. Today, there is sometimes a critical debate and attitude towards drugs. It may be about fear of side effects or dependence, but also about ignorance or dissemination of incorrect information. At our drugstore, customers can always get the benefit of their drug in a meaningful way, as well as the possible side effects that the drug has. We are careful to spread the knowledge about how to take drugs and what benefits a person can get from their drug.

As a customer of ours, you can always get advice and information about a drug substance with one of our pharmacists, either in our stores or via an email inquiry. We think it is best to follow the advice of pharmacists and health professionals. However, we do not advise you against house cures or traditional treatments but give the customer support to make an informed decision about their treatment. If you choose to use, for example, a traditional herbal remedy, it’s good to tell your doctor. This is done to avoid unwanted effects on prescription-prescribed treatment.

4. Bonuses and discounts: the aspect of rewarding loyalty

Although the prices at Canadian Pharmacies are all fixed at a reasonably low threshold, customers never walk away without an additional money-saving tool or a bonus that is always on the house. First off, every single order is complemented with four bonus pills of your choice: pick Viagra or Cialis to go along with the products that are already in your cart.

A further reduction in price is made possible with a system of discounts and rewards. We suggest that you subscribe to our newsletters to receive better-targeted and personalized offers as to the hottest deals of the moment, sales alerts, discount coupons, and then some. Alternatively, check the main page of our website to find a 10% off coupon that you can redeem whenever it is convenient for you.

5. Smooth ordering experience: the aspect of VIP servicing

Low prices all year round: Canadian Pharmacies is committed to making you enjoy the best prices on its online pharmacy and pharmacy products. Promotions, balances and low prices are available all year long to allow you to shop online in the most interesting conditions.

Free delivery: Delivery is free for orders starting from $150.

Fast delivery: Once the order has been placed and the payment validated, the order is dispatched within three days. The average delivery time then varies between 14 and 21 days.

A loyalty program: To reward you for your loyalty, Canadian Pharmacy offers you a loyalty program. For details, become a registered subscriber.

Secure payment: Make your purchases securely thanks to our secure online payment system with SSL protocol, set up by the CIC bank. It allows the customer to encrypt the transmission of his bank details. For the security of your payments, we have a system for securing online payments with SSL protocol, set up by the CIC bank, allowing the customer to encrypt the transmission of his bank data.

Quality Customer Service: For any questions about your order, your delivery or for a pharmaceutical or parapharmaceutical advice, our pharmacists and our customer service will answer your questions. Send us an email or give us a call!