Fill up on cranberry sauce

Cranberries are good for urinary tract healthDiners at this year’s Thanksgiving table may have a further reason to enjoy double helpings of one of nature’s own nutritional supplements – the humble cranberry.

Research linking the native North American fruit with protection against urinary tract infections (UTIs) has long been established – something the American Urological Association (AUA) is keen to remind us as the traditional turkey meal draws near.

According to scientists, natural acidity in the cranberry works to counteract bacteria in the urinary tract, helping to avoid inflammation of the urethra and potentially serious infections of the kidney.

The AUA’s reminder comes as growers in Massachusetts enjoy a plentiful cranberry harvest following a down season in 2007.

Meanwhile, the quest for perfect homemade cranberry sauce is underway in kitchens around the land as reports a 20 percent increase in related searches on its food website.

Not all problems passing water are linked to a urinary tract infection. Anyone discovering blood in the urine is advised to seek prompt medical attention in case of a more serious disorder requiring alternative health resources.

Some 8 million visits are made to the physician each year as a result of a UTI, according to the AUA.