Syndrome X: The Sugar Disease

Syndrome X — 60 to 75 million Americans have it. According to Dr. Gerald Reaven, who discovered Syndrome X, it is the number one predictor of heart disease.

And that good diet prescribed by your cardiologist can be deadly. If you have Syndrome X, carefully dieting to lower your total cholesterol or LDL cholesterol won’t solve your problem. In fact, it may make a heart attack even more likely.

Syndrome X is a very quiet malady that interferes with the ability of insulin to move glucose (sugar) into certain cells for later use. Millions of heart attacks have been caused by the failure of insulin to do its job.

Insulin resistance is at the heart of Syndrome X. This is why simply lowering HDL and LDL cholesterol won’t solve the problem as is universally prescribed by American physicians.

About 25% to 30% of Americans are resistant to their own insulin. This means that greater amounts of insulin are required to get the job done. Unfortunately, excess insulin is the first in a series of events to trigger damage to the lining of the coronary arteries that eventually precipitates a heart attack.

Therefore, more carbohydrates (sugar) equals more glucose, equals more insulin, equals the formula for disaster. For each 30% elevation in insulin levels, there is a 70% increase in risk of heart disease over a five-year period.

Syndrome X or insulin resistance is a cluster of abnormalities that is directly related to heart disease but seems to be unknown to the medical establishment.

Dr. Reaven, in his book Syndrome X, The Silent Killer, outlined the complete list of heart disease risk factors for people with Syndrome X. This list, shown to the right, includes known risk factors for heart disease including the risk factors for Syndrome X — important! An additional independent risk factor is higher-than-normal LDL cholesterol.

Notice the differences. The Syndrome X heart disease risk factor list includes the rate at which fat clears from the blood, not just the amount of fat in the blood. It also considers the formation and clearance of blood clots, and the physical characteristics of LDL cholesterol (not just the amount).

The very important lifestyle factor is high consumption of sugar or carbohydrates.

Key to this discussion is the fact that fat does not make fat. Insulin levels do not increase when you eat fat. Whether saturated or unsaturated, fat has no effect on insulin levels. Sugar makes fat inside and outside of the arteries.

The older we get, the more insulin (sugar) resistant we get. Excess insulin narrows arteries, pushing up blood pressure and leading to a heart attack.

Dr. Reaven noted, “We now have over 300 medicines to help us control cholesterol levels and otherwise keep our hearts healthy. Descriptions of these drugs fill more than 400 pages of the Physicians Desk Reference, the ‘bible’ of medications.”

None of these descriptions mention Syndrome X, or any of the indications.

Statin drugs are a huge commercial enterprise within medical orthodoxy. We wrote in The Bob Livingston Letter in 2001: “The latest scam is that ‘normal’ levels for cholesterol should be lowered. This news from the new National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) part of government’s National Institute of Health (NIH)… ‘20% MORE of all Americans should be taking drugs to lower their cholesterol levels.’ This is a financial crime and a direct attack upon the health of Americans.”

There is, of course, never a word from the government or the big medical monopolies warning Americans to reduce sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption for heart health.

Cutting back on sugar and junk foods would kill the massive sales of cholesterol drugs. Do you think that they want you to know this? Cholesterol therapy, as practiced by the medical monopoly, is a drug-selling hoax generating huge profits.”

In Syndrome X one thing leads to another. Intracellular magnesium relaxes muscles. What happens when you can’t store magnesium because the cells become insulin resistant because of too much sugar? You lose magnesium and your blood vessels constrict.

This, of course, causes an increase in blood pressure and a reduction in energy, since intracellular magnesium is required for all energy producing reactions in the cells.

But most importantly, magnesium is also necessary for the action of insulin and the manufacture of insulin. When you raise your insulin, you lose magnesium and the cells become even more insulin resistant. Blood vessels constrict and glucose and insulin can’t get to the tissues, which makes them more insulin resistant, so the insulin levels go up and you lose more magnesium. You see this vicious cycle caused by too much sugar? Sugar kills!

Too much insulin also causes the retention of sodium, which causes the retention of fluid, which causes high blood pressure, fluid retention and congestive heart failure.

Heart attacks are two to three times more likely to happen after a high carbohydrate meal and are specifically NOT likely after a high-fat meal. Why? Because the immediate effect of raising blood sugar from sugar or a high carbohydrate meal is a rise in insulin. This causes arterial spasm and constriction of the arteries triggering heart attacks.

Reducing blood fat (triglycerides) is easy to do! There is an almost direct correlation between triglyceride levels and insulin levels, though more in some people than others.

The way to control blood lipids is simply by controlling insulin. Controlling insulin means to lower insulin; that is, watch every kind of sweet or sweetener that you put in your mouth. There is new evidence that refined grains also elevate insulin levels.

Our fasting insulin level should be below 10, or even 5. The lower the number, the better. Most don’t need blood drawn to check their insulin levels… just stay off of all sugar and you will absolutely know the difference.

Substitute stevia for sugar as much as you can. Too much sugar consumption leads to the body’s overproduction of insulin. This is the basis of the chronic disease of aging and Syndrome X.

It takes sugar to make fat! As people eat more sugar, they produce more insulin, they become more and more insulin resistant and their weight goes up more and more. Then they develop Syndrome X, which is a cluster of health problems leading to accelerated aging, heart disease, and certain early death. Along the way, there is substantial evidence that elevated levels of insulin leads to colon, liver, pancreatic, breast, and endometrial cancer.

Since Syndrome X is a nutritional disease caused primarily by over-consumption of refined sugars and other carbohydrates, prescribed drugs actually exacerbate deficiencies and imbalances. For example, statin drugs used to lower cholesterol block the body’s production of coenzyme Q10, lack of which is a primary cause of heart failure.

Sugar is far more dangerous to us than government oppression, economic collapse, or any combination of killer diseases in world history. It is the most subtle terrorism to the human race in the history of time.

Ignorance of sugar guarantees more and more degenerative disease, oppression, and more suffering at the hands of government, and the pharmaceutical and medical cartels.

Ignorance of sugar is the absolute foundation of economic collapse nationally and financial poverty individually.

Ignorance of sugar is at the root of social breakdown, a drugged society, broken homes, and the forcing of drugs on school children.

The sugar disease is the biochemical basis of all degenerative disease, especially heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Why are we not being told about sugar? Because it would mean far better and more widespread health and happiness and therefore far less trillions of dollars flowing to the medical monopoly.

When we put our little ones to bed at night, do we think about how much sugar we have fed them today? We should. Do we even know what sugar is?

As we said before, sugar is in many dangerous forms.White sugar is bad enough, but fructose corn syrup is far worse and now used in most all commercial foods and cola drinks.

In fact, it’s the basic ingredient and the dominant ingredient in most. Also very important, sugar is anything that produces glucose and insulin in the body. Now this is getting serious because it includes all refined carbohydrates, including bread, snack foods, and all forms of pasta from macaroni to pizza and a whole lot more.

Every father and every mother should dedicate whatever time it takes to learn and know with certainty what sugar and refined carbohydrates are and what they do to health.

Sugar is America’s number one addiction, beginning with little babies. May God liberate us from this curse that plagues the world but most especially Americans.

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