Sweetness is Big Money!

Someday Americans will know that sugar in most forms is the foundation of the medical monopoly and trillions in profits from sickness, disease, and death. We are a nation hooked on sugar and burdened with sugar disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

The public issue is the obesity, disease, and death that begins with sugar consumption. Today Americans live on sugar beginning with infants. Obesity is exploding as anyone can see, along with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

It is nearly impossible to eat packaged and fast foods without consuming large amounts of sugar. Burger King hamburger buns are 22% sugar, for example.

Without synthetic and white sugar, we could add 25 to 30 years of quality life. We would not be sloughing down the street short of breath. We would be slim and trim.

It’s sugar that’s killing us, but it’s great for the sweetener industry and the medical mafia. Savvy people, particularly dieters, diabetics, and those concerned with insulin and blood sugar seek sweeteners that have a very low or no glycemic index (insulin-elevating).

Consumers look to the label to identify the calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates present in a product. Labels are required to convey this information. But, guess what? Food processors are not required to reveal the blood sugar, insulin-elevating, and fat-storing properties of the product.

This is gross deception because the glycemic index of our sugar consumption determines over time our health and quality of life. Sugar subtracts years from your life! Americans are getting more and more obese simply because we use more and more sugar. High sugar consumption guarantees degenerative disease and early death.

I have never heard of an allopathic doctor warning against sugar consumption. The FDA does not warn customers about how sweeteners stimulate blood sugar, insulin, reactive hypoglycemia, or fat-storage.

Diabetics, hypoglycemics—everyone, in fact—need to know the glycemic impact (insulin-elevating) of a sugar or sweetener before they ingest it. The key to health and to controlling both excess body fat, blood sugar (glucose) and insulin is understanding the effect that sugars and sweeteners have on your body.

Eating fat does not make you fat. Sugar makes fat. Fat does not raise cholesterol or triglycerides. Sugar raises cholesterol and triglycerides. Doctors are ignorant on this. All they know is a “low fat diet.” This is wrong and dangerous. The lower our sugar consumption, the more fat melts away.

The trouble is that almost all commercial foods are pumped full of high glycemic sugars (insulin-elevating). They conceal this with “no fat” or “low fat.” The medical monopoly and widespread propaganda has people focused on the fat myth — not one word about the high risk of sweeteners, both white sugar and synthetics.

The more sugar, any sugar, that packaged foods contain, the lower the cost to produce. In fact, sugars like high fructose corn syrup are used as cheap fillers. Americans love it because they are hooked on sugar.

When you see on almost every packaged food “low fat” or “no fat,” this deception means one thing to the customer and another to the manufacturers. When fat is taken out, it’s replaced with a far more dangerous substance — sugar — at a much lower cost. So the big fat lie is a huge moneymaker!

Sugars and sweeteners trigger two kinds of body responses:

  • Glycemic Response: The blood sugar and insulin-stimulating properties of a sugar or sweetener can be defined by its glycemic response. A highglycemic sugar or sweetener will over-elevate blood sugar and insulin levels. A lowglycemic sugar or sweetener does not over-elevate blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Fat-Storing Response: The fatstoring effects of a sugar or sweetener can be defined by its high fat storage (HFS) properties, defined as its ability to stimulate lipoprotein (LPL) and other fat-stimulating enzymes and proteins.

Since the FDA does not require glycemic index labeling, we have to know what sweeteners to avoid.

More deception! A food can legally claim to be “sugar FREE” and “calorie FREE,” but in fact contains up to five calories per serving. These five calories may be high glycemic (insulin stimulating). Somebody wants us to have sugar.

A product may legally contain an entire sugar-bowl of insulinstimulating, fat-storing ingredients, and still be called “Sugar Free.” FDA labeling laws allow very fattening, insulin-stimulating products to be presented as “healthy.”

Be advised that sugar in a food product can appear as carbohydrates or maltodextrins, glucose polymers, and many other deceptive names. It’s the glycemic index that gets us in trouble, regardless of what the sugar is called.

In actuality, most sugars like maltodextrins or glucose polymers used to disguise sugar content are higher glycemic index than pure sugar. Pure sugar or honey would not be nearly as bad.

Rice cakes are “no sugar” favorites of diabetics, but these cakes elevate insulin dramatically. One has to be a detective just to choose non-glycemic foods (which actually almost do not exist).

Reduced-caloric sweeteners — very low or no glycemic response are matitol, sorbitol, isomalt, xylitol, HSH, erythritol, mannitol, Lo Han, and lactitol. In purified form, these are made through a chemical synthesis catalyzed by enzymes.

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