Vitamin C to help protect skin

One way to protect skin from ultra-violet rays is to wear sunscreen if outside during the day. However, a new study by scientists at the University of Leicester in the UK learned that vitamin C may be an important component in helping to prevent skin problems.

According to the results, vitamin C helped wounds to heal more quickly and to protect against DNA damage to skin cells. It may also help slow the ageing process, making this important news to individuals in the cosmetics industry.

Dr Marcus Cooke from the university’s Cancer Studies department commented that “vitamin C could contribute to the maintenance of a healthy skin by promoting wound healing and by protecting cellular DNA against damage caused by oxidation.” He concluded by explaining that his team planned to research the vitamin further to learn how it can potentially alleviate other skin problems.

Individuals who want to incorporate more vitamin C into their diets may want to consider nutritional supplements. However, choosing to follow the alkaline diet is also a good way to receive more of this vitamin, as the eating plan encourages consumption of fruits and vegetables with tubers and legumes.