Study: Unhealthy habits double stroke risk

Smoking is one habit that may lead to strokeSmoking, eating a poor diet and being sedentary have already been individually linked to an increased risk of stroke.

Now British scientists have found people who engage in the highest levels of a combination of these activities may double their chances of suffering a stroke.

The study, published on the British Medical Journal website, asked more than 20,000 people aged 40-79 about their lifestyles. They received points based on non-smoking, physical activity, moderation in drinking, and fruit and vegetable consumption.

After 11 years, the scientists found participants who had scored zero (least number of healthy behaviors) were 2.3 times more likely to have had a stroke than those who scored a four. With every point decrease, the risk of stroke increased.

Women were found to be much more likely to score a four than men, the researchers said.

The National Stroke Foundation says that up to 80 percent of strokes are preventable with positive lifestyle changes.

In addition to following a well-balanced diet, some people have turned to oral chelation to support healthy arteries and cardiovascular fitness.