Overweight Diabetic People May Benefit From Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Overweight Diabetic People May Benefit From Healthy Lifestyle ChangesIndividuals with diabetes who follow a healthy lifestyle may have better cardiovascular health, according to findings published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

This is because healthier eating habits and regular exercise helps diabetics properly maintain their blood glucose levels, which is needed to stave off heart and diabetes-related complications.

For the research, a total of 5,145 people who were overweight and had diabetes were enrolled in a four-year trial. Of the participants, approximately 2,570 followed a healthy diet and exercise regimen, while the remaining group participated in diabetes support programs, focused on healthy eating and physical activity.

The researchers discovered that the lifestyle intervention group had better weight, fitness and blood sugar improvements than the support group. Furthermore, these individuals were less likely to suffer from heart-related problems.

The team concluded that further research will be needed to better understand the cardiovascular risks between these two types of groups.

The authors concluded that “there may be long-term beneficial effects from the four-year period in which intensive lifestyle intervention participants have been exposed to lower cardiovascular disease risk factors, as seen in other clinical trials.”

Individuals interested in foods that could help prevent cardiovascular and diabetes symptoms may consider eating fruits, whole grains and nuts, which are all high sources of antioxidants. This type of nutrient can help rid the body of free radicals that can complicate these health issues.