Statins Can Deplete Your Levels Of This Heart-Healthy Nutrient

Cholesterol-lowering drugs are one of the most over-prescribed drugs on the market today. Statin drugs such as Lipitor®, Pravachol® and Crestor® can significantly deplete your levels of the essential nutrient known as coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Research shows that these prescription drugs can lower your CoQ10 levels by up to 40 percent.

CoQ10, discovered in 1957, provides 95 percent of your body’s energy. And your heart requires up to 10 times more CoQ10 than any other organ in your body.

If CoQ10 levels drop, your skin cells get older faster… your lung cells choke… your liver cells fill with toxins… your brain cells start to shut down… and your heart cells may stop beating. For patients taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, damage like this has been seen in as little as 12 weeks, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association

More than 1,000 published studies report that this Nobel Prize-winning nutrient can help you:

  • Strengthen and protect your heart
  • Avoid brain problems
  • Boost healthy blood circulation
  • Maintain free and clear arteries
  • Restore healthy heartbeats

However, your body doesn’t produce enough CoQ10 on its own, so be sure to add the right form of the nutrient and avoid powdered supplements, crystallized liquids and ones without healthy amounts of fat for maximum absorption.

By supplementing with CoQ10 patients have experienced remarkable clinical results. Within 30 days of taking the CoQ10 supplement, 75 percent of patients reported fewer heart rhythm disturbances, 66 percent of patients reported diminished chest pain and 50 percent fewer patients suffered from future cardiac events. Plus, after only eight weeks 87 percent of patients had restored heart function.