Natural remedies may prevent allergy-induced cough

Natural remedies may prevent allergy-induced cough There are many natural health resources that can help relieve allergy symptoms, so parents may consider using them given that new research has found a chronic cough in children may be caused by allergies.

Researchers from Tulane University in New Orleans studied patients aged 5 to 12 years with a cough lasting more than eight weeks. After thorough examination and eliminating other possible causes they found that gastroesophageal reflux was the most commonly associated factor of chronic cough (27.5 percent), followed by allergies (22.5 percent).

The researchers reported that after receiving treatment for the underlying conditions, the children became cough-free.

For those seeking natural therapies, there is a host of herbal supplements and remedies that sufferers may choose from.

For example, quercetin, a plant-derived bioflavonoid, helps stabilize mast cells and prevents them from releasing histamine, according to

Good sources of quercentin include citrus fruits, onions, apples, parsley, tea, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and wine, but – according to the source – allergy sufferers will most likely need to use nutritional supplements to build up enough of this compound to prevent attacks.