Doctors rely on natural remedies to treat allergies

Herbal supplements can help treat allergiesWith allergy season in full swing, you may be looking around for the best natural treatment or herbal supplements to treat this common and irritating condition.

Dr Daniel Monti, medical director for the Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, told ABC News that he uses a homeopathic treatment when his allergies flare up.

The formula is created from thinned concentrations of substances that include Apis mellifca, which comes from a honeybee, and Nux vomica – derived from an Asian tree. Garlic is also added to the mixture.

Monti stressed that prevention is also important to combat allergies, explaining that a holistic approach to his health means that he always keeps his eye on his diet, stress level and exercise habits.

“When I paid more attention to my overall physiological status, I’ve found my allergies can get better,” he told the news source.

The doctor said he cuts down on the amount of wheat and milk he consumes if he feels symptoms arising.

Pollen, dust and mold are three catalysts that may exacerbate people’s allergies.