Can Circulation Help Prevent Heart Attacks?

Exercise can boost circulation, keeping individuals healthyAlthough an alkaline diet filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains may help prevent individuals from having a heart attack, a new study suggests that aside from diet and exercise, blood circulation has a leading role in preventing clogs in blood vessels.

Results from a study conducted by researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center reveal that there are ways to help circulation go faster, which can protect individuals from medical complications caused by clogged arteries.

When a patient is athletic, their blood flow is much more aggressive at pushing the blood through the vessels, which could lead to fewer clogs. Researchers believe that these findings should help physicians properly tell their patients how to stay healthy and avoid any life-threatening predicaments.

“Obviously we should all be exercising to get our hearts pumping fast, which increases blood flow force through our vessels with all of these molecular benefits,” said the study¬ís coauthor Dr. Zheng-Gen Jin. “Beyond that, the designers of future therapies may manipulate HDAC5 to fine-tune the action of protective genes.”ADNFCR-1960-ID-19591146-ADNFCR