Drug makers admit cholesterol-lowering drug is useless for lowering risk of heart disaster! – Issue 72

What a shocker! It’s a rare event for pharmaceutical giants to admit their drugs don’t work.

But that’s just what two drug maker giants recently admitted about their popular cholesterol-lowering drug. Find out why their faces are red—and why some researchers say this drug may be linked to another health danger—in today’s Monday Edition of
Health News Weekly™.

So let’s get to it!

Drug Manufacturers Admit Vytorin® Stinks
at Reducing Risk of Heart Disasters!

Layne Lowery

Hailed as a potential blockbuster by joint manufacturers Merck and Schering-Plough, Vytorin® is under fire for lackluster performance in reducing the risk of major cardiovascular events.

According to a Reuter’s report, the drug makers released a report on July 21, 2008 confirming that the drug worked no better than a placebo at lowering risks of heart disaster in patients suffering from aortic stenosis. This condition blocks the flow of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body.

Vytorin® is a prescription drug that contains two cholesterol-lowering medications, Zetia® (ezetimibe) and Zocor® (simvastatin). The drug began its fall from grace in January 2008 with the release of unfavorable results from the ENHANCE drug study.

Those study findings indicated that the combination drug was no more effective at reducing cholesterol than the cheaper statin drug—one of its two components. The research also revealed that artery-clogging plaques formed at TWICE the speed in patients taking Vytorin®, compared to those taking Zocor® alone!

In the new SEAS trial, Vytorin® also failed to meet its secondary goal of improving aortic valve diseases. This includes valve replacement surgeries, heart failure and death related to cardiac causes, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

What’s worse, the new multi-country study of 1,873 patients seemed to indicate an increased risk of cancer deaths in those taking the drug!

Merck and Schering-Plough have prepared a letter to physicians who might be concerned about this finding. Their intention is to reassure doctors that the cancer deaths are an anomaly unconnected to Vytorin® use, AP reported.

“The study seems to reinforce that we really do not know the effect of this drug on patients, whether it provides an important benefit or even a harm,” said Yale University researcher Harlan Krumholz in a statement reported by Reuters.

“More than ever we need the results of a large trial to guide us about how best to use the drug,” Krumholz said.

Since January, news reports show sales of the once-blockbuster drug—and of both drug manufacturers’ stock prices—have fallen.

Fast Fact

How long should you keep your vitamins and nutritional supplements? Studies show most of these nutrients have a shelf life of three years when kept in a dry, cool place.

So if your bottles don’t have an expiration date, mark them with a permanent marker and toss them after two years to be safe. But even better—take them daily to enjoy full health benefits!

You Can Eliminate Sickness, Fatigue and Irregularity—Just by Cleansing Your Colon!

Roz Roscoe

Nearly every man, woman and child living in the world today is constipated. And even if you experience daily bowel movements—you’re not out of the woods either! Even people with chronic diarrhea suffer from one form of constipation.

Constipation occurs when digested foods get stuck to the walls of your colon. Your bowel movements may eliminate some of the waste—but older, hardened waste can stick to your colon for YEARS!

This means your body is constantly accumulating poisons—which is the root cause of many illnesses. A clogged colon also makes you tired… sluggish… and even reduces your brain power!

This condition is so common and has been for so long that it is considered normal. The medical profession does not recognize the problem, let alone the public.

Many health practitioners say a healthy colon produces a bowel movement after each meal. There should be enough moisture in your stools to help you pass wastes within seconds after the initial urge.

If you find yourself straining or waiting for 10 minutes or more to complete a bowel movement—these are surefire signs of constipation.

The ideal situation is to have a colon with a fast transit time. This means your body will be geared up to eliminate wastes after every meal—which removes dangerous toxins quickly from your body.

Don’t rely on laxatives to get your colon moving. They’ll help remove loose wastes—but can’t do anything to remove hardened wastes.

Plus, once a laxative passes through your colon, your bowels will still be just as sluggish as ever! Laxatives do nothing to cleanse the colon or help it function better. And what’s worse, your body will start to depend on the laxatives to “jump start” your colon.

Colon cleansing IS the most effective solution to unclog your colon. Be sure to read next week’s Monday Edition of Health News Weekly™ for more tips on the HEALTHIEST way to clean toxins from your colon!

Health E-Hints

The REAL Skinny on Trans Fats!

The American Heart Association recommends limiting the amount of trans fats you eat to less than 1 percent of your total daily calories. This means a 2,000-calorie daily diet should consist of no more than 20 calories—or 2 grams—of trans fats.

Trans fats occur naturally in some meat and dairy products such as lamb, beef and butter. But it’s not clear if these natural sources have the same effect on cholesterol as manufactured trans fats.

Given the amount of naturally occurring trans fats you probably eat each day—you have almost NO room in your diet for processed trans fats!