Stop Suffering from Painful, Irregular Bowels and Constipation

A healthy bowel transit time should take between 16 and 24 hours from eating to eliminating. But the average American can go up to 96 hours without a bowel movement. That’s four days that rotting waste has been in your system blocking the absorption of key minerals and nutrients… causing fatigue and severe abdominal pain… resulting in embarrassing gas and irritable bowels… and leaving you with bad breath and skin outbreaks.

The truth is: You can’t be healthy if your colon is sick. So getting your colon and excretory system back in working order should be your number one priority! There are many safe and effective all-natural solutions that will help you experience regular and painless bowel movements.

These nutrients include:

Cascara sagrada—this remarkable herb enhances the contractions in your colon and allows your bowels to move and empty on a regular basis.
Senna leaf—this ancient herb helps with your slow sluggish bowels, so you may never suffer from constipation again.
Black walnut bark—this herb helps restore healthy bowel function by eliminating parasites and their eggs—even attacks hard-to-kill tapeworms.
Peppermint leaf—this plant is known as the “tummy soother” since it can help relieve bloating, calm an agitated stomach and eliminate painful cramps.
Slippery elm bark—this nutrient can help reduce inflammation and anal swelling, plus heal irritated intestines and damaged tissues.
Vitamin C­—this essential vitamin can help support your immune system, promote a natural laxative effect and help prevent roundworm and other parasite infestations.

Once you incorporate these essential nutrients into your daily regimen, you can start to experience healthy, regular bowel movements and begin to eliminate dangerous parasites and build-up from your colon.