Health E-Hint: Need to Shed Pounds? Put Your LIVER on a Diet!

Your liver is an important filter that helps cleanse toxins from your body. And according to Sandra Cabot, author of The Healthy Liver and Bowel, your liver is a workhorse that uses bile to transport fat out of your body through the small intestines.

If you’re not getting enough of the proper nutrients to help your liver release excess fat—your liver ends up reabsorbing it. And when fat cells build up in your liver, you’re more likely to experience a condition appropriately named “fatty liver.”

But you can turn your liver into a fat-burning furnace! How? Add plenty of cruciferous vegetables to your diet.

Broccoli… cauliflower… cabbage… kale… bok choy… mustard greens… and radishes are some examples of the best all-natural liver cleansers available.

Just by regularly adding these foods—along with plenty of fruits and whole grains to your diet—you can quickly restore healthy liver function and experience a health miracle!