Health E-Hint: Nature’s Sweet Remedy for Lower Blood Pressure!

If you’re struggling to control your sodium intake and get your blood pressure under control—you’ll be amazed at some new research findings.

A new animal study showed that grapes helped lower blood pressure and improve heart function—even though the animals ate a high-salt diet!

Some lab rats ate a diet containing a powder made from red, green and purple table grapes, along with a high-salt diet. Others were fed the grape powder and a low-salt diet. The results?

After 18 weeks, the rats that ate the grape powder with their salty diet had lower blood pressure… better heart function… and reduced inflammation throughout their bodies! They also had fewer signs of heart muscle damage than rats that ate a salty diet but no grapes!

Researchers think the chemicals called flavonoids—commonly found in grapes, green tea, cocoa and tomatoes—could have a positive effect on blood pressure.

So grab a handful of juicy grapes with a meal—and experience their heart-healing effects firsthand!