Boost Your Immunity Before You Get Sick

Our bodies contain a trillion different antibodies, antiviral agents and immune cells that are ready to help fight foreign invaders that threaten to decrease your defenses and leave you open to illness. So why do we still get sick? Because your immune system fails to react quickly enough and then your immune system gets attacked and worn out.

In order to fight back against everyday toxins in your air, water and food, there are many natural solutions to not only boost your immune system back into action… but help maintain immunity for increased protection against bacteria and viruses. One way is to avoid common triggers, foods and actions that can weaken your immune system such as coffee, stress and anxiety, over-the-counter and prescription medications, acid overload, sugar, alcohol, tobacco smoke and lack of sleep.

You should also try to modify your diet to include immune-boosting foods such as elderberry, button mushrooms, a?ai berry, watermelon, cabbage, almonds, grapefruit, wheat germ, garlic, spinach, green and black tea, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

According to The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook by Alan Keith Tillotson, Ph.D., there are many nutrients found in nature that can help boost and maintain your immune system. Tillotson, along with practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), recommend ginseng, scute root, Echinacea, astragalus, Reishi mushroom, andrographis, isatis, cinnamon bark and licorice.

The immune system is a complex structure that is vital for your continued health. Through diet, exercise, supplementation, improved sleep patterns and positive emotions, you can aid in the war against invaders and preserve the power of the human body’s amazing immune system.