A Six-Step Plan for Reaching Your Health Goals!

If you’re anything like me, you might still have a few goals on your annual checklist that you didn’t get around to! Let’s face it—making New Year’s resolutions is a lot easier than keeping them.

But this doesn’t mean you should STOP setting goals—especially not the ones related to improving your health! As you set new goals for 2009, try to keep some of these helpful hints in mind:

  • Be modest and realistic. Don’t set goals that you know will be difficult for you to reach. Realize that you can’t overhaul every aspect of your life. Take baby steps—and you will see results for your efforts!
  • Don’t compete with others. Working on YOUR personal goals will help you find more contentment than worrying about who might be doing better at THEIR goals!
  • Set a plan and implement it fully. Write down two or three important goals you would like to accomplish. Include a plan for how you will reach them. Taking note of your short-term success will encourage you to reach for the end goal!
  • Keep up with your success. Consider keeping a journal of your progress. It can be encouraging to look back over your journey. Also, noting how you dealt with challenges can keep you motivated!
  • Gather support from a friend or family member. You’ll get more encouragement to succeed from a support network. Remember, you are not the only one trying to improve your life. And you could be the jolt that others need to succeed!
  • Celebrate your accomplishments. As you reach small milestones, don’t be afraid to reward yourself. For example, if ice cream is your favorite dessert—treat yourself to a smaller portion or maybe some frozen yogurt. Just remember not to go overboard!

Don’t be surprised or disappointed if you can’t always operate according to plan. The key is to take note of what might have sidetracked you—and keep moving!

With proper planning and determination, setting reasonable goals can help you write a personal success story in the coming year!