The diabetic population is exploding in direct relationship to sugar consumption. In fact, all the chronic diseases of aging thread their roots back to sugar consumption. Of all the animal species, the human race has a very high proclivity to sugar addiction and sugar dependence.

Doctors will issue a bag full of prescription drugs and never once say, “stay off of all sugar.”

It follows then that the more sugar or carbohydrate consumption, the more insulin balance is disturbed. Any sugar, food, or substance out of which the body can make sugar directly affects insulin balance.

There are many, many ways to disguise sugar or divert one’s attention from sugar. Most supermarket manufactured foods are loaded with sugar usually in small print. The big diverter, “low fat” or “no fat” is nearly always in bold or set out in a box or different color on the label.

The manufacturers know that the public has been thoroughly programmed against fat consumption. So if they print “no fat,” the customer is drawn to the product most often loaded with sugar.

I don’t think most people know about this but commercial food producers know that sugar in any form is addictive. And I believe that the pharmaceutical houses know that sugar feeds the medical establishment.

It is well known and indisputable that the general population’s health has declined with the steady increase of sugar consumption.

Sugar today goes way beyond the old white sugar used for 200 years. Sugar or the manufacturer of sweeteners now is a science of its own. There has appeared dozens of forms of sugar to feed the American addiction.

Sugar is now not only used as a sweetener but as a filler to build volume in “food products.” High fructose corn syrup, a major ingredient, is an extremely sweet filler widely used and deadly to insulin balance. And what do you know about fillers? They are extremely cheap and a lowcost scheme of “food” production. Anything that tastes sweet is considered food in America.

But sweeteners are not the only insulin offenders. High carbohydrate diets are definitely associated with hyperinsulinemia. One saltine cracker will take the blood sugar to over 100 and in many people, one saltine cracker will cause blood sugar to skyrocket to 150 for a variety of reasons, not just the sugar in the cracker. This is extremely high when the ideal insulin should be below 10. Good old Nabisco!

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