Health E-Hint: Got Stuffy, Inflamed Sinuses? Try Nasal Irrigation for Instant Relief!

If your nose is stuffy for more than a week or two—it may be a case of sinusitis rather than the common cold. This can occur when your sinus cavities become infected or inflamed.

Dr. Juan C. Guarderas at the Mayo Clinic division of allergy says sinusitis can be caused by pollutants… tobacco smoke… allergies… and problems such as nasal polyps. It can become chronic—and even cause long-term changes in the mucus linings of your sinuses.

Some folks have found nasal irrigation to be effective at reducing sinus congestion. Just fill a narrow-tip squeeze bottle with a mixture of one teaspoon of salt and one pint of warm water.

Lean over a sink and squirt the solution into your nose—then allow it to drain out. Use all of the solution and be sure to clean the container and tip after each use.