Neutralizing an Acid Diet Can Protect Bones

Eating foods that have a high alkali content may be a good way to protect against bone loss, new research suggests.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that consuming bicarbonate can reduce biomarkers associated with bone loss and fracture.

The researchers explain that fruits and vegetables are metabolized by the body into bicarbonate, which produces alkali.

Meanwhile, most Americans follow a diet that contains a large amount of protein and cereal grains, which are metabolized to acid and may lead to metabolic acidosis and reduced bone mineral density.

Nutrition specialist Bess Dawson-Hughes of Tufts University led the study, which found that participants given either potassium or sodium bicarbonate over the course of three months had fewer bone loss biomarkers than those in the control group.

The amount of bicarbonate consumed each day equaled roughly nine servings of fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, the researchers conclude adding more fruits and vegetables and following an alkaline diet may help you protect against bone loss.

Some people have also turned to nutritional supplements that help restore a healthy pH balance to the body.