Do You Have BPH? Get These Potential Lifesaving Nutrients Now!

How many times did you get up to pee last night? One… two… three times or more? It could be due to prostate problems, which affect more than 30 million American men. The condition known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is the name for an enlarged prostate that can cause:

  • Frequent bathroom visits.
  • Dribbling or weak urine stream.
  • Burning sensation in your groin area.
  • Interrupted sleep that drains your energy the next day.
  • Pain in your lower back and hips.
  • Low sex drive and soft erections.

What’s worse, as your prostate grows, it applies more and more pressure to your groin area. It’s important to understand that BPH is NOT prostate cancer, but this serious condition could lead to abnormal cell growth. Routine check-ups with your physician can ensure the health of not only your prostate for the protection of your bladder, but for every other vital organ in your body.

Here’s a helpful list of all-natural nutrients that can help promote healthy prostate and bladder function. Some of these remedies have been around for centuries and they can still work for you today!

  • Saw palmetto—known as the prostate protector, this extract can improve urinary function and reduce BPH symptoms.
  • Beta sitosterol—this nutrient can improve your urine flow, reduce prostate size and decrease your visits to the bathroom.
  • Selenium—this mineral helps protect your cells from abnormal growth by causing them to die off—a process called apoptosis.
  • Lycopene—this antioxidant has been scientifically shown to help lower your chances of developing prostate cancer by attacking the free radicals that cause abnormal cell growth.
  • Pumpkin seeds—these nutritious seeds can help stimulate the muscles you need during ejaculation and help reduce inflammation of the prostate glands.