Uncover The Surprising Cause of Belly Flab, Low Sex Drive and Prostate Problems!

Men, listen up… you’ve probably never heard of estrogen dominance and your doctor would probably misdiagnose your symptoms. But this could be the reason you suffer from…

  • Memory loss and “senior moments”
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Sleepless nights
  • Unwanted weight gain?especially belly fat
  • Muscles turning into flab
  • Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Enlarged prostate and other prostate problems?and a frequent need to urinate
  • Hair loss
  • Male breasts or “man boobs”

You might not know it, but estrogen dominance, or andropause, is a major health hazard for men over 40. This hormone imbalance occurs when your body builds up too much estrogen and xenoestrogens—which are synthetic forms of the hormone.

There are three main reasons why these unpleasant symptoms of male menopause may be tormenting you: aging, environmental pollutants and your diet.

HingHau Tsang. M.D., said these phony hormones are offshoots of products such as spermacides, detergent, plastics, plastic bottles, pesticides, herbicides, personal care products and lacquers.

Tsang also said commercially raised beef, chicken and pork, as well as birth control pills and canned foods, contain xenoestrogens.

John R. Lee, M.D., an expert in natural progesterone therapy, thinks that significant amounts of estrogen are the main cause of prostate enlargement AND prostate cancer! And estrogen dominance can also lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

So whether you call it estrogen dominance, “male menopause” or andropause—estrogen overload is a real health hazard.