Are You Getting Enough Of The Right Kind Of Vitamin D?

A vitamin D deficiency can not only lead to decreased bone strength, but according to The Vitamin D Council, serious medical problems could arise. Studies show that ensuring optimal and adequate levels of this vitamin may promote heart and cardiovascular health, support strong immunity, enhance mood and mental health, promote strong and healthy muscle function and maintain healthy cellular function.
In fact, vitamin D is so important for the body that it helps maximize the use of other key nutrients including magnesium, zinc, vitamin K2, boron and vitamin A. However, obtaining and supplementing with the right kind of vitamin D can produce the greatest benefits for your health, as well.

Most people may not even realize that they are deficient in key vitamins and minerals until it’s too late. In fact, new research from medical professionals indicates that increased vitamin D intake, especially in the form of vitamin D3, may contribute to improved bone strength, according to the Council.

So how can individuals help support optimal bone mineral levels and enhance their bone strength, while preventing this from becoming a continuing cause of their deteriorating health? Most experts agree that adding more vitamin D to the diet through foods and/or supplements can greatly increase the chances of improving bone strength.

Individuals who believe they may be vitamin D deficient can request blood tests that will determine how much is needed to regulate their individual levels. When it comes to vitamin D, a person shouldn’t have too much or too little in their body. “Here is a situation where getting the supplement amount ‘just right’ counts,” stated Kate Lindemann, Ph.D., a retired college professor who actually enhanced her bone density through various natural methods and supplementation.

The Council states that vitamin D3, or cholecalciferol, is the most potent form of the nutrient and has strong health-promoting properties.