Yoga and meditation can relieve workplace stress, expert says

Yoga and meditation can relieve workplace stress, expert saysWe all know work can be stressful, but according to a new study just 20 minutes of workplace meditation and yoga can reduce stress levels and potentially boost performance and productivity.

The study was conducted by researchers from Ohio State University and used a modified version of what is known as mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

Study subjects attended one-hour weekly group meetings during lunch and practiced 20 minutes of meditation and yoga per day at their desks. After six weeks, they reported greater awareness of external stressors, felt lower stress levels and fell asleep more easily than did the control group.

“Because chronic stress is associated with chronic disease, I am focusing on how to reduce stress before it has a chance to contribute to [health problems],” said Maryanna Klatt, lead author of the study and an assistant professor of clinical medicine at Ohio State.

She further explains that the technique under consideration can help employees avoid missing work days due to illness and reduce doctor’s visits, thus lowering overall healthcare costs.

Those suffering from anxiety or stress can also take advantage of nutritional supplements containing extracts of valerian, chamomile or passionflower.