Walking may benefit people with blood vessel condition

Walking is good for the healthWalking is a healthy behavior that can benefit a variety of people. Now, new research looks at its particular effects on those who suffer from peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

PAD is a condition affecting the arteries of the pelvis and legs, similar to coronary artery disease, which affects the heart.

Researchers at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine studied 156 people with PAD and found that taking regular walks – lasting around six minutes – could improve their quality of life.

Findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association show that those who completed regular short walks were able to increase the distance they were able to move.

Lead researcher Dr Mary M. McDermott explained this was the first study of its type to include people with PAD who didn’t have pain as a symptom.

“Clinicians should urge all PAD patients, whether or not they have symptoms, to engage in a regular, supervised exercise program,” she explained.

Last year, a University of Georgia study found that older people could significantly reduce their risk of disability by participating in a regular walking program as one of their health resources.