Vitamin D Supplementation May Keep Sperm Moving

There are many reasons to consider vitamin D supplements, including the benefits many health organizations say the nutrient has on bone health. Now researchers from Copenhagen University Hospital and the University of Copenhagen have announced that taking plenty of vitamins may support normal sperm motility.

That’s right. According to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction, men who took vitamin D tended to have healthy motile—or moving—spermatozoa.

The Dutch team came to this conclusion after analyzing samples taken from 300 healthy men. Scientists noted that higher blood serum levels of the vitamin appeared to correlate with increased motility.

While the group noted that it is unclear whether or not vitamin D directly affects sperm, they did suggest that the nutrient is vital for reproductive health. The team added that further research may determine if dietary supplements may benefit men who want to achieve peak reproductive health.

Previous studies have shown that improving levels of calcium and vitamin D in the blood can promote fertility health in vitamin-deficient male laboratory rodents.