Vegetable juice may help with weight loss

Vegetable juice may help with weight loss  Researchers believe that people with metabolic syndrome may benefit from vegetable juice in their effort to control weight.

Metabolic syndrome is associated with excess body fat in the midsection, high blood pressure, sugar and lipids levels. If untreated, it may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

The new study, conducted at the Baylor College of Medicine found those who drank at least eight ounces of low sodium vegetable juice as part of a calorie-controlled diet lost four pounds over 12 weeks, while those who followed the same diet but did not drink juice lost only one pound.

Moreover, vegetable juice drinkers were more likely than others to meet the recommendation of 3-5 daily servings of vegetables.

“Diet and body weight are key modifiable factors in changing the course of metabolic syndrome,” says Dr John Foreyt, study author and director of the Behavioral Medicine Research Center at Baylor.

“What this study shows is that by taking simple, proactive steps such as drinking low sodium vegetable juice while watching calorie intake, people can begin to control their weight, which helps reduce the risk of long-term health implications,” he adds.

Some have also recommended the alkaline diet as an effective way to control weight. The diet, which is rich in citrus fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, has the added benefit of boosting bone health into old age.