Tap Water May Be Beneficial To Dental Health

Tap water may help boost teeth strengthResearchers have found that the quality of tap water may help individuals avoid the dentist as fluoride added to public water supplies is proving to be the most cost-effective way to keep children from being affected by tooth decay.

According to a new study published in General Dentistry, scientists found that more people would rather drink tap water as a means of having good dental health rather than go to the dentist for treatment, which can sometimes involve painful drilling. More than 144 million Americans consume tap water on a daily basis.

“Fluoride makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to decay and promotes remineralization, which aids in repairing early decay before damage is even visible,” said C.H. Chu, lead author of the study. “Studies have confirmed the most effective source of fluoride to be water fluoridation.”

In addition to drinking tap water as a source of fluoride, individuals may also want to use the calcium and vitamin D into their diet, as they can lead to tooth strength.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19719473-ADNFCR