Study: Vegetable juice may help individuals get proper intake everyday

Researchers say drinking vegetable juice is an easy option for people who don't eat enough every dayScientists say as many as eight out of ten people worldwide don’t eat the recommended four servings of vegetables every day. But a new study has found a simple way to change that statistic: vegetable juice.

Researchers at the University of California Davis followed a group of adults for 12 weeks. They found that when participants drank at least two cups of vegetable juice every day they were able to meet the daily recommendation. That’s compared to just 7 percent of subjects who didn’t drink the juice.

In addition, participants with borderline high blood pressure were able to significantly reduce it by drinking one or two servings a day.

“Enjoyment is so critical to developing eating habits you can stick with for the long-term. Health and nutrition professionals must find simple ways for people to get their vegetables or they simply won’t do it, and that means they won’t reap the benefits of a vegetable-rich diet,” said the study’s co-author Dr Carl Keen.

He added that the convenience and portability of vegetable juice makes it an easy option for most people.

In a separate study, researchers at Baylor College of Medicine revealed that drinking vegetable juice helped overweight individuals with metabolic syndrome lose more weight compared to non-juice drinkers.

The study’s co-author John Foreyt says drinking vegetable juice may be a valuable health resource for many. “If we can provide people with actionable, small steps in reducing risk factors, that’s a big win in promoting good health,” he said. ADNFCR-1960-ID-19418558-ADNFCR