Study: Social activity lowers Alzheimer’s risk

Certain activities may help prevent dementiaMen who enjoy an active social life may actually be lowering their chances of suffering from dementia, the results of a new study suggest.

Research published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia found a link between reduced incidence of dementia and participation in activities such as visiting with friends, attending clubs and spending time with family.

Scientists followed 147 sets of male twins for nearly three decades, comparing lifestyle choices with the development of memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s, HealthDay News reports.

Previous research has found similar results for women who engage in activities that combine social and cognitive elements.

Study author Dr. Michelle C. Carlson said that the findings “have immediate implications” for men on the cusp of retirement.

“The expansion of the human life span makes it imperative to identify lifestyle opportunities that increase health and ‘add life to years’,” she commented.

A 2005 study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association suggested that taking herbal supplements containing ginseng, epimedium herb and thinleaf milkwort root could help prevent memory problems in older people.