Study Finds Link Between Moderate Weight Loss and Heart Health

Moderate weight loss could improve heart healthIt may be a good idea to look into an alkaline diet filled with fruits and vegetables as itÂ’s been revealed that moderate weight loss may improve heart health.

A study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis revealed that when patients lost a moderate amount of weight, it decreased thickness in their heart muscles, resulting in improved pumping functions.

Over the course of two years, researchers examined 60 mildly obese individuals, with 46 of them completing the entire study. The patients were required to eat low-calorie diets and exercise three and a half hours weekly.

The maximum amount of weight lost was 22 pounds for the first six months, by the time the two-year study was over, patients were an average of nine pounds lighter than when they started.

The researchers believe that this study could be used as a way for physicians to encourage their patients to lose weight, pointing out the health benefits.

“After a while, the hearts of obese people can lose some of their pumping or relaxation ability, leading to heart failure,” explained author Lisa de las Fuentes. “But our study suggests that by losing weight, people can turn back the clock and regain more youthful heart function.”ADNFCR-1960-ID-19509765-ADNFCR