Beta-Blockers May Lead to Heart Failure

Beta-blockers are used to treat cardiac patientsIt may be a good idea to look into for heart conditions, as researchers have recently found that certain heart medications may have a harmful effect on the organ.

In a new study published in Circulation Research, it was found that beta-blockers that only target the beta-receptors may undermine the functions of the heart and put the organ in jeopardy.

However, beta-blockers that target both the alpha- and beta-receptors still offer the most benefits for cardiac patients.

Patients with heart disease usually have higher levels of catecholamines, which activate beta-receptors. When patients take beta-blockers, it causes the heart to produce a more efficient pump, but ultimately this process could lead to heart failure.

Alarmingly, the researchers report that this has been the treatment for cardiac patients for the past 50 years without fully understanding the molecular consequences.

Study leader Kevin Xiang feels that this study is key if people still continue to use beta-blockers as a treatment.

“It definitely will help people along the way to understand how to further manipulate this system. Beta blockers are still the most commonly used drug for heart disease,” Xiang said.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19477382-ADNFCR