Sit in a garden, or just yell to de-stress

New research suggests that pausing from a hectic schedule to inhale the scents of nature may actually help some people feel less stressed.

Lemon, mango, lavender and other strongly-scented plants are believed to help calm nerves and a new Japanese-lead study set out to prove this is the case.

In the study, the research team lead by Akio Nakamura elevated stress levels of lab rats and then guided them to inhale linalool, a naturally occurring chemical in many fragrant plants.

When the harassed rats breathed in the linalool, they showed a decrease in production of the neutrophils and lymphocytes that indicate stress. The rats’ levels almost returned back to normal.

However, those who would rather release their aggression in more vocal ways should be pleased to learn that recent studies revealed that shouting expletives may help decrease physical stress.

According to media sources, researchers at Keele University in the UK found subjects who swore and voiced their discomfort were able to handle pain for 50 percent longer than those who were more polite.

Those who want to try alternative therapy in order to decrease stress may want to consider aromatherapy. Lavender, bergamot and sandalwood are considered to soothe nerves.