Scientists Discover Protein that may Prevent High Blood Pressure

Proteins send messages to the brain to lower blood pressureWhile an alkaline diet may help lower blood pressure, a new protein has been discovered that can help prevent hypertension.

Researchers from the University of Iowa indicated that the protein channel ASIC2 helps trigger sensors in blood vessels to keep blood pressure in check. When ASIC2 is not present in the body, the brain never receives the message that hypertension is occurring.

Study head Dr. Frank Abboud indicates that blood pressure can rise in an instant when something is making an individual frustrated or angry, and the sensors alert the brain to calm the nerve system down immediately.

It is when ASIC2 is missing from the body that blood pressure stays high all the time, which could lead to various health risks.

Abboud is hopeful that the discovery of this protein channel’s function will lead to new treatments for hypertension.

“By knowing more about what makes these sensors — known as baroreceptors — malfunction, we may be able to find ways to make them work properly and prevent high blood pressure,” Abboud said.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19529430-ADNFCR