Scientists Discover Group of Cells that may Mend a Broken Heart

A broken heart could be a result of cardiac arrestA common phrase could actually be a dangerous problem. A broken heart, which is a result of significant trauma such as a heart attack, can leave the heart weak and susceptible to further complications. However, scientists have uncovered specific cells that could help mend a broken heart.

According to researchers from Duke University Medical Center, heart muscle cells known as cardiomyocytes can help repair the heart after it faces significant trauma.

While patients can turn to health resources such as certain diets and relaxation techniques for keeping their heart healthy after cardiac arrest, the researchers are hopeful that this new discovery could result in better therapy after a patient suffers a heart attack.

Despite this conclusion, the researchers are not exactly sure how these cells actually repair scarred heart tissue and reveal that further investigation should be done.

“We don’t know the instructions or the mechanisms yet that mobilize these cells or cause them to proliferate, but we now know that they are the cells that are participating in new muscle growth,” said Dr. Kenneth Poss, the study’s lead investigator.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19692840-ADNFCR