Researchers Find Biological Link For Depression, Anxiety And Other Disorders

Anxiety could be a biological conditionResearchers have a new understanding of psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression, as they’ve discovered a biological link for all of the conditions.

According to findings published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers are hopeful that upon discovering the biological connection, they will be able to develop new forms of treatment for problems such as stress and anxiety.

The scientists believe that these findings may help physicians zero in on depression and create treatments that specifically target the troubled area. However, they are quick to point out that there is still more research to be done before an effective treatment can be created.

“We’ve gone from mechanism to mouse, and the next step is to see whether or not we can take the inhibitor we developed, and turn it into a pharmaceutical agent,” said researcher Stephen Ferguson.

Individuals who experience symptoms of psychological disorders such as anxiety may want to consider looking into alternative health resources such as massage therapy, as the treatment has been known to calm nerves.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19729753-ADNFCR