Relax your way to lower blood pressure

Listening to relaxing music is one way of lowering blood pressureYou may already know that letting go of stress can lower blood pressure, but what types of activities are best to help yourself unwind?

The findings of a new study reveal that using an audio relaxation tape and listening to classical music are both effective measures for reducing high blood pressure.

Researchers monitored 41 elderly participants during a period of four months. One group listened to an audio relaxation program that included the sound of ocean waves and a calming voice three times per week, while the other listened to a 12-minute Mozart sonata with the same frequency.

Both groups successfully lowered their blood pressure and heart rate over the course of the study.

The relaxation tape contained binaural sounds, which regulate brain waves and affect the nervous system, relaxing blood vessels.

Study leader Jean Tang, an assistant professor at Seattle University’s College of Nursing, explained that these programs “may provide yet another way to help manage hypertension” and are available “without a doctor’s orders.”

“It’s noninvasive, available and has been around for 20 years,” she added, referring to the relaxation tape.

High blood pressure is one risk factor that can lead to health problems such as heart attack and stroke.