Protein research continues for blood sugar changes during exercise

New diabetes treatment may come from exercise researchWhen people run, lift weights or do other forms of exercise, their bodies’ blood sugar is affected as glucose is rushed to the muscles to use as energy.

Along with exercise, insulin is the other main trigger for glucose delivery, and now scientists are looking at proteins that stimulate glucose transport during exercise to find out ways to help people who are insulin-resistant.

A study done at the University of Michigan tested two proteins activated during exercise that stimulate glucose delivery without using insulin, and found one, TBC1D1, had a clear role in glucose transport during exercise.

Insulin resistance in the muscles affects millions and is “an essential component that contributes to type 2 diabetes,” said researcher Gregory Cartee, adding that it also can cause health problems for non-diabetics.

The finding may lead to therapies based on the new protein that will help to provide a natural alternative for insulin resistance through exercise.

Some people looking to lower blood sugar naturally may also look to herbal supplements.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19085843-ADNFCR