Pills Improve Health, May One Day Address Obesity

Until science develops Klotho-blocking pills for obesity, nutritional supplements and vitamin tablets can keep individuals healthy ale and vigorous. Currently, some of the most beneficial vitamins and nutrients can be had by simply taking a nutritional supplement. Added to a healthy diet, these pills can contribute to cardiovascular health and weight management. In the future, pills may also regulate weight in a different way, according to researchers at Harvard University.

A study, published in the FASEB Journal, has determined that suppressing a particular protein may be able to combat obesity and reduce blood sugar.

The protein is known as Klotho, a name taken from the mythological Greek fate responsible for figuratively spinning the thread of a person’s life. Scientists noted that weight loss could be induced in obese laboratory mice by suppressing the function of the protein.

Klotho allows molecules to cross cell membranes, meaning that inhibiting it may prevent excess fats or sugars from being absorbed by the body. The research team suggested that future obesity and high blood sugar treatments may be as simple as taking an anti-Klotho pill.

In the meantime, and vitamin tablets can keep individuals healthy ale and vigorous, especially when combined with exercise and a balanced diet.