Obesity in mid-life may cause memory problems

New research from the Swedish Twin Registry has indicated that being obese at mid-life puts individuals at a greater risk from dementia in later years.

The latest study connects a high Body Mass Index (BMI) with decreased cognitive function as an individual moves into the later period of his or her life.

Doctoral student and researcher Anna Dahl explained the team learned that “the adverse effects of being overweight and obese are not limited to cardiac function, but also extend to brain function.”

Those who were obese or overweight in mid-life experienced a more rapid decline of memory and brain skills as they aged than those who were of a normal weight during that same period.

Memory problems are another problem associated with obesity, as being of a higher weight also puts strain on an individualÂ’s frame and vital organs.

For those who hope to lose weight in a healthy, safe manner, there are many available options. Some may want to consider the alkaline diet which is rich in legumes and citrus fruits and may promote bone health into old age.