Naturally Improve Your Sex Life For Heart and Brain Health!

Studies have shown that great sex is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself as you age. According to the British Medical Journal, steamier sex could even save your life! The results showed that out of 900 men age 45 to 49 who engaged in regular sexual activity, 50 percent were less likely to suffer a fatal heart disaster.

In fact, medical science proves that sex may stimulate your brain cells… provide protection from age-related mental decline… spark your enthusiasm for life… energize your body… burn extra calories and melt fat… and bathe your cells with life-giving oxygen. Plus, sexual activity can boost your immune system, reduce stress, lift your mood, ease your headaches, relieve your muscles aches and improve your prostate health.

One of the main nutrients needed for peak performance is L-arginine. This simple amino acid is found in meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other high-protein foods. L-arginine works by stimulating the production of a crucial compound in your body called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels, which promotes blood flow to your genital tissues and helps them become fully engorged. This dramatically increases your sensitivity and enjoyment.

A study conducted at the University of Alberta in Canada shows that rising nitric oxide levels can help lower your blood pressure levels by relaxing your arteries and helping restore their elasticity. This may help with the sexual dysfunction you experience by boosting your circulation and lowering your blood pressure levels.

L-arginine and other nutrients and herbs like maca, rhodiola rosea, di-indole methane (DIM), damiana powder and Chinese mushrooms can all help intensify your desire, maximize your performance and supercharge your lasting sexual power. Start having great sex now for not only a more intimate relationship, but increased energy, a stronger immune system and protection for your aging heart.