Natural Ways to Curb Overeating

Eating lots of fiber may help you curb your appetite as you sit down to a holiday feastIt’s been reported that aromatherapy and carbohydrates may be used as a way to curb overeating during the holiday season.

Experts feel that stress and anxiety are a large reason why people tend to overeat during the holiday season, which is why it’s being suggested that one takes time out for themselves in order to calm down. Using aromas such as eucalyptus may also help ease the stress.

It was also noted that such as fiber might help with appetite control; and that when you do sit down to eat, try healthy protein. Another way to curb hunger is by eating complex carbohydrates that can be found in stuffing before sitting down to the meal, which will lead you to become fuller faster.

If you’re already feeling full by dessert time, experts feel this will be the best way to control you from reaching for that extra piece of pie, leading to unwanted cravings down the road.

“That pie often opens the floodgates to cravings, and many of us have spent holiday season after holiday season telling ourselves to have just one little treat,” said Dr. Denise Lamothe, a psychologist who studies emotional eating.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19474750-ADNFCR