Molecule Found In Mushrooms May Boost Prostate Cell Health

For those with a less serious condition, like benign prostatic hyperplasia, saw palmetto extract may reduce swelling.For men who are hoping to improve their prostate health, herbal supplements and natural treatments offer them a wide range of choices, depending on their condition. For those who want to promote their prostate health naturally, saw palmetto extract may balance the body’s inflammatory response, supporting normal prostate function. And now researchers have announced that for additional prostate protection, a compound taken from a mushroom might help.

A team of scientists from Australia and Hong Kong published a report stating that a polysaccharopeptide, a molecule found in turkey tail mushrooms, appears to be 100 percent effective in supporting normal prostate cell growth and turnover in mice.

The study, which appeared in the journal PLoS ONE, noted that unlike more traditional remedies, this one apparently targets progenitor cells, which give rise to new cells. Notably, researchers found that the polysaccharopeptide did not have any discernible side effects in laboratory rodents.

The team concluded that further investigation into natural treatments for prostate health may turn up more substances that benefit the gland without causing unpleasant physical consequences.

For men interested in saw palmetto for peak prostate health and function, the extract is available over the counter in many grocery stores and pharmacies.