Male Sex Hormone Levels May Benefit Female Fertility

Male Sex Hormone Levels May Benefit Female FertilityA new study has found that the presence of testosterone and other male sex hormones in the ovaries may improve female fertility, according to findings published in Molecular Endocrinology.

A team of researchers examined the ovaries of female mice, some that were healthy and others with irregular levels of androgen, which are male sex hormones. By conducting this study, the investigators aimed to see how the presence of androgen helped prevent infertility in humans.

The results of the study showed that low levels of male sex hormones in the ovaries can lead to irregular ovulation and other ovarian complications, which can cause infertility. This study provided a better understanding of the importance of androgen levels in the ovaries, which may help researchers develop better ways to control infertility programs in women.

Stephen Hammes, a physician at the University of Rochester Medical Center, stated that “the need for certain levels of male hormones in the female body and the strong influence these hormones have is often underappreciated.” He added that “our findings open up a new line of research into how we can regulate male sex hormones, specifically in the ovaries, to improve fertility.”

Each year, approximately 6 million women are faced with infertility problems, according to the American Pregnancy Organization.