Majority Of Women Receiving Gynecological Surgery Do Not Worry About Sexual Repercussions

Most women are not worried about what can happen to their libido as a result of surgeryFor some individuals about to undergo a surgical procedure, the worry of what could happen after the treatment sometimes overshadows the benefits that the procedure can accomplish.

According to researchers from Ohio State University, most women who are scheduled to have gynecological surgery to treat noncancerous symptoms do not think about the repercussions the procedure could have on their sex life.

The researchers were surprised to find that approximately 37 percent of respondents who were planning to be sterilized did express concern that they may lose their sexual desire even though the treatment does not affect hormone levels.

“Most women were not very concerned, and among any women who do have these worries, I think we can reassure them that they don’t necessarily have to fear a detriment to sexual function,” said senior author of the study, Jonathan Schaffir.

For women who do experience a low libido, there are some alternative treatments they can try to boost their sexual desire. Some physicians feel that that feature gingko may help boost libido, according to ABC News.ADNFCR-1960-ID-19724606-ADNFCR