Laughter: the best medicine for boosting circulation?

Laughter can have many health benefitsPeople who are searching for health resources to help improve their blood flow and circulation may want to try listening to a funny comedy routine, a Stanford University of Medicine professor has suggested.

Dr. Bill Fry told an audience at University College Cork that research has found that laughter can have health benefits for the heart, muscles, brain and circulatory system, the Irish Times reports.

He cited a study in which 20 men and women were shown a comedy film, then had their blood flow measured. Not only did the flow increase, but the effects lasted for between 12 and 24 hours.

“There is so much to find out [about laughter and health],” Fry said, according to the news provider. “One of the things we need to consider when talking about our health is circulation. Circulation is vitally important and laughter lowers blood pressure.”

He claimed that intense laughter, when maintained for 20 seconds, can increase a person’s heart rate twofold for the next few minutes – something that many people turn to exercise to achieve.

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