Inflammation tied to body fat, scientists say

Body fat and fitness influence inflammationThe level of inflammation in the body is linked to how much body fat a person has, as well as their level of fitness, according to a new study.

Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center measured the white blood cell count of 452 men, HealthDay News reports.

Previous studies have found that having a high number of white blood cells is closely tied to their risk of suffering from and dying from heart disease, the scientists said.

The men were weighed, had their body fat measured and were asked to exercise on a treadmill to determine their fitness level.

According to the findings, men who were judged to have lower levels of fitness also tended to have a higher white blood cell count.

Also, men with higher body fat usually had more white blood cells – however, this effect was found to be counteracted by high levels of physical fitness.

Taking natural supplements containing folic acid and other vitamins is one way to help control inflammation in the body.