Increased Mortality Rate In Individuals With Large Waistline

Increased Mortality Rate In Individuals With Large WaistlinePeople who have a smaller waistline may be better protected against all causes associated with death, according to a study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.

Researchers have previously found that a larger waist is linked to an increased risk of suffering from diabetes, heart complications and unhealthy cholesterol levels. A theory suggests the connection between larger waist circumference and these health problems is because the excess weight surrounds the organs damaged by these diseases.

In an effort to prove this argument, researchers surveyed more than 104,000 individuals aged 50 years and older about their lifestyles, medical history, waistline measurements and weight.

Following calculating the body mass index (BMI) of each participant, the results of the study showed that those with a larger waist circumference were twice as likely to develop any death-related health problems.

The authors concluded that “future detailed analyses of the relationship between waist circumference and measures of insulin resistance within categories of BMI could identify biological reasons for potential differences in the strength of the association between waist circumference and mortality.”

People who are looking for a natural alternative that can lead to a smaller waist can benefit from practicing yoga and specific positions designed to tone one’s waistline, according to